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Handmade and unique gifts.  Visually stunning living pictures and miniature gardens. 

Petit Jardin d'Art Camberley

Big is beautiful - a large living picture to grace your garden

Handmade Living Pictures

A living pictures from Petit Jardin d'Art is a fabulous alternative to a hanging basket and will look amazing on your fence or wall. A wonderful gift; for birthdays, anniversaries, leaving present or just to say "I care"!

Each one is handmade and unique.  They  will add  beauty and drama as the succulents grow and mature - a forever changing picture!  They are easy to look after with normal watering  every 1-2 weeks dependent on conditions.

Customise your own living picture.  A commission requires 3 weeks to prepare the living picture. Please contact me to discuss your wishes.

Miniature gardens in vintage china - perfect!

Miniature Gardens from vintage to modern

A miniature garden for the window sill - how lovely!  From a beautiful vintage teacup, to a French glass jar to the traditional terracotta. There are so many choices!

I have loads of ideas so please contact me to discuss what you would like.  I would love to hear from you.

Succulents in handmade rustic crates

Super Succulents... Five facts you may not know:

1) Succulents are very forgiving and with care will last.
2) Succulents are versatile.  They adapt to  containers or in a frame on a wall.
3) Succulents love to be in a sunny condition, outside on a wall or fence.

4) Succulents are drought tolerant  and don't need too much water. Water normally with a watering can once every 1-2 weeks when looking dry.5) Succulents are visually stunning! They are funky and unusual plants that will make a bold statement.

To summarise.... 
They are fabulous and will bring beauty and drama to you home. Fall in love with succulents from  Petit Jardin d'Art in Camberley. Handmade and unique gifts from Camberley, Surrey.

Things you should know

Succulent flower

Ordering Your Living Picture

A unique gift idea of a Living Picture will be cherished.

I am very happy to take commision orders and would love to talk to you about your requirements.

Each living picture is handmade and planted up just for you.  Time is needed for the amazing succulents to root in to make the living picture. 

Please allow 3 weeks for me to commission your unique gift.

They are so worth the wait!

Living picture au naturel!

Maintenance of Living Pictures

Succulents are forgiving.  Their maintenance is minimal.  Just follow the steps below and your living frame will love you for it!

  • Normal watering of your  succulents approx once every 2 weeks dependent on conditions.  Don't be scared to water them... the idea is just not to overwater them, they don't like to be too wet!
  • Take the frame down and lay on a flat surface.  Water normally using a small watering can approx 300ml. Ensure that water has soaked in before you hang the picture again - approx 45 minutes.
  • Position - Succulents love to be in a sunny, sheltered position, however they don't want blazing sun all day as this will scorch them.  They can withstand low temperatures, but won't fair well with too much wind or rain. Protect over winter.
  • Love your succulents and they will love you back! Enjoy!

Handmade Living Picture

Love succulents and enjoy!

For any commissions or if you have any questions please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!

Shopping outlets

The Christmas Farmers market

Camberley Farmers Market

Every 3rd Saturday of  month the fabulous Camberley Farmers market comes to town. With a huge variety of stalls for everyones taste, 

Petit Jardin d'Art is proud to stand among them.  Come along for a shopping experience with a difference and take home your own living picture from Petit Jardin d'Art.

A living picture at Lord Pirbright Hall

Farnborough Craft Guild - Craft Markets

Petit Jardin d'Art is proud to be a member of The Guild.  We hold a number of shows during the year with stalls packed with original and unique handmade gifts including; Living pictures from yours truely, pottery, woodcraft, silk scarves, knitting, jewellery, cards, needlework, and numerous other crafts. 

The joy of these shows is that you can see live demonstrations and the crafter at work.  There is time to  discuss their art and maybe creating bespoke products just for you!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when the next show is and come down.  With a room full of very talented crafters you will not be dissapointed.

Pop-up stall on the ground floor between perfumes and sunglasses!

House of Fraser Camberley

Supporting local independent businesses, House of Fraser in Camberley host regular pop-up stalls on the ground floor of their store.

Petit Jardin d'Art made their debut appearance in July 2018, selling living pictures and miniature gardens in vintage china and French glass.  Watch our Facebook page to find out when we will next be there and come along to say hi and hopefully take home a piece of homemade art!

Contact Us

I would love to be able to extol the virtues of succulents and how they can grace your home.  Please contact me.

Petit Jardin d'Art